Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Another grey day

It seems to have been a particularly grim start to 2011.

There are lots of reasons for me in this, but it is not helped by the continued grey weather, interspersed with drizzle and heavier rain. Last Thursday was an exception - a beautiful, bright day, almost Spring-like, and it was noticeable just how everyone's spirits were lifted.

This is unusual for Brighton, in my experience; one of the reasons I like the place is because it has a higher than average sunny day count compared with much of the UK.

Sorry for a grey post. Roll on Spring...

1 comment:

Marginalia said...

I sure many of us are desparately fed up with an unending twilight under these slate grey skies.

Your great "Churches I Have Known" posts bring a ray of sunlight thro' the stained glass.