Tuesday, 8 September 2009

This may be the beginning of a goodbye...

...from West London.

I have just accepted an offer on my flat in West London and, whilst I know not to count my chickens until the deal is done, it could mean the end of life there - at least for a while. I'll be looking to buy a house in Brighton, and then the plan is for my partner to buy a small pied-a-terre back in town.

Of course, this is also the beginnig of what we are told is one of the most stressful possible life events, so also watch out for the odd frustrated blog!!


Jane said...

Well done on getting an offer on the flat - hope it goes through easily and you're both able to achieve your dreams. (Perhaps things have moved on - literally - since then as I see you wrote this in September) The market is picking up at last. Brighton is a lovely place, I remember it with great fondness. We'll be hoping to sell our place in Neath next Spring and put our plan of moving to Scotland into action..
Best wishes, Jane

David J said...

Thank you for your best wishes, Jane: we've exchanged contracts and are due to move on 16th November.

We'll be looking for a house to buy a house in Brighton in due course - until then we'll be in my partner's flat, with much of the stuff in storage.

Jane said...

Wonderful news, hope it all goes smoothly and you both find the perfect house in Brighton later on.