Friday, 6 February 2009

Lost property

I'm in mourning for a pair of lost gloves. It sounds pathetic, I know, but these were the best fitting, comfiest and nicest gloves I possessed, and like an idiot I left them on a train. (I'd just had a lousy journey thanks to tube disruption, and left them on an overground train while still nursing my grievance).

Of course, I've telephoned the lost property office, but past experience doesn't lead me to have much faith in the system. I lost a cap earlier in the year, and reported that, to no avail.

Now I might hear you saying that I can easily get another pair of gloves. Wrong. It took me ages to find these: they are black leather, but fit very closely, and have a button fastener. I recall them being hard to find when I bought them ten years ago: my main problem is that I have small hands for a man, somewhere between a size seven and seven-and-a-half. Ordinary 'medium' sized gloves end up having an irritating empty bit at the tips of the fingers, and that just won't do. I've visited John Lewis, Peter Jones, House of Fraser, Liberty - you name it - but to no avail.

Next time I'm putting nothing in the luggage rack above or behind the fold-up table in front...


Vince said...

Sorry to hear of the loss, but you might be going to the wrong type of shop.
I have a similar issue, any gloves one can get in the main stream shops give the feel that between the fingers sit something better on the back of a horse.
The local bloke in a smallish town is more likely to have what you want, for he is less likely to be driven by the foot fall volume.

David J said...

Good idea. I've looked at a few gentlemen's outfitters here in London, but they tend to be scarily expensive.

Anonymous said...

Have you tried Toughgloves? I also have hands somewhere around 7 and a half, and I've bought some really well-fitting stuff from them.

David J said...

@ Straitjacketed

Thanks for the tip! I think I looked at their website a long time ago, but had forgotten about them.