Saturday, 13 September 2008

A disappointing experience...

This is one of those reviews which is disappointing to write: reporting a place where you've had good or - at least - perfectly acceptable experiences: and then you get ripped off.

It happened on our recent holiday to Spain, with my other half and my in-laws. The bar in question was one in a place in a long strip of cafes and restaurants of various types on the seafront of Vilanova i la Geltru, just opposite its large and busy Marina. The cafe has one of the better specs, with a large area outside in which to eat, under a spacious, brand new awning.

We'd had several drinks here and the odd sandwich at various times of day and it had always been fine. Nothing fancy, but perfectly OK. However, on this visit, they tried to rip us off. When the bill came, the prices of both beers and soft drinks had mysteriously been increased from those we had paid a few days earlier, and were more than the prices on the menus at the tables.

When we pointed this out, I thought they'd try the excuse that eating outside brings with it a higher price, as is often the custom in Mediterranean countries - fair enough, actually, so long as the prices on the menu make this clear, and their pricing policy is consistent from day to day.

But no, the waiter sheepishly just brought us another bill, this time with the right prices, as set out on the menu.

What a pity. They've just lost our custom forever, and earned themselves a bad review in the process...

(You can see the full review on Qype).

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