Monday, 17 March 2008

Rescuing teddy

Many of us have a childhood toy that has, almost literally, been ‘loved to death’, and then spends the rest of his/her years hidden away in a cupboard. But have you every thought they they could be restored to ‘life’ - or at least, to something like their original condition?

That’s where teddy-bear hospitals come in. My other half has a cuddly toy, Sam, who had certainly been loved tnearly o death and, despite some repairs by his Mum, was in a very sorry state. So I decided to get Sam restored as a birthday gift. But finding the right teddy-bear restorer was a hard job: the local one in Brighton (where Sam 'lives') had closed down, which was not a good omen.

After some painstaking research on the internet, I eventually found Oldenbears. They have a comprehensive website, and promise to try and keep the toy’s character, rather than restoring them to ‘as new’ condition. As far as possible, they use the original style stuffing and replica replacement eyes, paw pads, etc. The owner could not have been more helpful when I contacted her, and reassured me as to what could be achieved. I sent Sam in a shoe-box (Recorded Delivery, of course - or my life would not have been worth living) and received him back two weeks later, in time for Sam’s owner’s birthday.

The restoration was masterful, and went down perfectly as a present. Repairs to such a badly damaged (and fragile) toy do not come cheap, of course, so expect to pay a minimum of £60 (an exact quote can only be provided on receipt of the toy, when a full assessment has been undertaken on its true condition).

The photos show Sam before and afterwards. It’s almost unbelievable what the were able to do.
All together now: aaah!

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