Monday, 18 February 2008

Sunset over West London

I'm lucky enough to live quite high up in my flat. There's no-one above me to make any noise, I get early morning and late evening sun, and the only downer is that there is no lift and it's a bugger when you've got tons of shopping or heavy luggage.

But there are times when nature provides all the reward you want. Occasionally, there will be a fantastic sunset. I'll be sitting here, working away, and suddenly become aware that the room is slowly turning orange as the evening draws in. I must confess that I don't know much about meteorology and what it is that makes for a good sunset, but I know one when I see one.

And this evening, it was a corker: not of the spectacular, vivid pink clouds kind, but of the more subtle glowing orange, fading to pale crimson kind. In the distance are two tall cranes above a building site, which make for wonderful photographic subject. (More photos on Qype)

It's made my day. I hope you like it.

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